Graduate Students

Casey Brinkman (2019-), U. Hawaii

What is the diversity of rocky planet compositions and their connection to host star abundances?

Jingwen Zhang (2019-), U. Hawaii

A long-period giant planet outside the misaligned sub-Neptunes in the Kepler-129 system

Jack Lubin (2020-), UC Irvine

TESS-Keck Survey V: Masses of Three Sub-Neptunes Orbiting HD 191939 and the Discovery of Two Outer Jovians

Emma Turtelboom (2020-), UC Berkeley

TESS-Keck Survey VII: Mass diversity in four similarly sized sub-Neptunes

Sarah Blunt (2018-2019) , Caltech

Radial Velocity Discovery of an Eccentric Jovian World Orbiting at 18 AU [link]


Merrin Peterson (2017), U. Montreal

Upper limits on spectral features from water in 51 Pegasi b from archival Keck-HIRES spectra (summer project)

Thomas Vandal (2018), U. Montreal

Masses and Orbits of the Beta Pictoris Planets

Laura Daclison (2018), Waipahu High School

Maunakea Scholars Program: Properties of the Kepler Circumbinary Systems from Keck Observations


Graduate student contract


Keck Observer Training & California Planet Search Team

California Planet Search Observer Training

Teo Mocnik and I led an observer training bootcamp for graduate students. Students learned how to use the Keck telescope with the HIRES instrument to characterize and discover planets around other stars. Left to Right: M. Hill, M. Rice, J. Van Zandt, S. Giacalone, T. Mocnik, L. Weiss. Keck Visiting Scientist Quarters, Waimea (Kamuela), HI, November 2019.

Maunakea at Sunrise

Three telescopes (left to right: Keck II, Keck I, and Subaru) sit below the Maunakea summit. At the time of this photograph, our bootcamp students were using Keck I to search for planets around nearby bright stars. November 2019.

The California Planet Search Team in Hawai`i

The California Planet Search team met at the Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawai`i at Mānoa for a workshop and hackathon. Left to right: L. Weiss, H. Isaacson, L. Hirsch, S. Mills, R. Rubenzahl, L. Rosenthal, M. Kosiarek, E. Petigura, A. Behmard, A. Howard, S. Grunblatt, D. Huber, B.J. Fulton. Mānoa, HI, January 2019.


Astronomy C10

Introduction to Astronomy for non-majors at UC Berkeley. The course covers phenomenology from the solar system to cosmology, with an emphasis on observational labs. I was a teaching assistant in 2011 and the head-TA in 2013.

Introduction to Astronomy

A summer course through the Johns' Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. I was the teaching assistant at Lancaster, PA in 2009 and 2010.