Science is for everyone

I whole-heartedly believe that we can teach the practice of science to any audience. Left: A young astronomer and an audience of 100 perform a series of laboratory experiments in which they discover "exoplanets" via their transits. The audience members make predictions and modify the experimental procedure to test their own ideas. UC Berkeley, April 2016.

Writing for the Public

I have always loved to write. That's why I write a blog called rockyworlds [site embedded, left]. I design my posts to explain my favorite topics in exoplanet science to an audience of family and friends. Someday I would like to convert this blog into a book.

I have also written for Scientific American (70,000 views, [link]) and Astrobites [link].

Media makes a difference

Using multiple platforms helps us reach a wide audience. In this youtube video, I talk to Steve Croft and Chris Schodt of SETI@Berkeley about how my research to find rocky planets and understand their formation is an essential stepping stone toward finding extra-terrestrial intelligence. UC Berkeley, 2015.