Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of Notre Dame. I use observational techniques to discover exoplanets and characterize their fundamental properties.

My research highlights include:

  • Discovered the transition between rocky and volatile-enveloped planets at 1.5 Earth radii

  • Discovered the similar sizes and regular spacings of planets in coplanar multi-planet systems (the "peas in a pod" pattern)

  • Principal Investigator of a NASA/U. Hawaii Key Strategic Mission Support program at Keck Observatory to study the diversity of planet interiors in Kepler's multi-planet systems

  • Observed 155 nights on Keck-HIRES as part of the California Planet Search collaboration.

  • Experience in self-consistent analysis of Doppler and transit-timing variations/photometry to determine planet masses and N-body orbital dynamics

Maunakea, Hawai`i

Reykjavik, Iceland